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“…Her [Holli’s] contributions to the team and to the SunTrust Intranet were considerable, and I expect them to be long-lasting as well. I believe that Holli would be an asset for any organization looking for a technically savvy, hard working web professional, who is capable of leading a development effort through the entire development lifecycle. Because of this, I can highly recommend Holli as a web developer…”

Al Skelton

SunTrust Intranet

SunTrust's intranet had become bigger than it was originally intended to be. It was difficult for content managers to update and for users to find the information they were looking for. I worked with several departments at SunTrust to come up with a design that was easy for non-technical employees (such as administrative assistants) to update, and also easy for users to navigate. In the course of a year, I worked with at least 10 departments organizing, designing and developing micro-sites for the intranet.





  • Classic ASP
  • CSS
  • XML


  • MS Front Page
  • The Gimp