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“Holli was a great help to our team in her role as Web Developer. When presented with a problem, she consistently had several creative ways of solving it and was proactive in her pursuit of the answer. She also jumped in and learned new technologies in a pinch, which was invaluable. I enjoyed having Holli as part of our team!”

Christine Jonas

“Holli is an excellent web developer who is wise beyond her years. We worked on many projects together, where she was able to complete the tasks ahead of schedule and over shooting our expectations. Because of her work, the John Wieland website has tranformed to one of their greatest sales tools. I know that she can tackle any job thrown her way, and think that she would be an excellent person to add to any project.”

Hasan Durley

“Holli is very knowledgeable and driven. She has a very versed set of skills. Her ability to do both front-end design and back-end programming is an extremely valuable asset for anybody working with her.”

Andrew Malcolm

“I worked at John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods in the Graphics department while Holli worked on the web side of the business. I quickly learned Holli knew her stuff. What she added to the process was invaluable. If you are looking for a first class web developer that can handle what ever is thrown at them, then get in touch with Holli.”

Lee Boatright

John Wieland Homes

The John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods' site was difficult to navigate, and it was even more difficult to manage all of its content. I conducted content inventories, created plans for the redesign of the site, and helped create a more user-friendly interface, with a design that targeted their upper-middle class professional audience. I led the effort to integrate the new design with their existing content management system, as well as moving static pages into a .NET based CMS called Ektron. John Wieland has redesigned their site since my involvement in 2008.


John Wieland Homes & Neighborhoods



  • Classic ASP
  • CSS
  • SEO
  • XML


  • Dreamweaver*
  • Ektron CMS
  • Flash
  • Photoshop*
  • Server Management
  • Slideshow Pro*
  • Studio Express
  • Visual Web Developer Express